What does remX stands for?

remX stands for RasterElektronenMikroskop
and “X” for “X-Ray”

Hardware and Software for Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) from Bruchsal

Support, repair and maintenance work in the field of electron beam microscopy, as well as trade with used equipment.

In 1998 remX GmbH was founded as SAMx Germany by Marco Mostert. We specialized in the modernization of scanning electron microscopes and microprobes including analytical add-ons.

Worldwide, we are the only supplier who can modernize all systems and combine them under one software interface.


Expert advice and attention to
your needs are a matter of course for us


In addition to support, repair and maintenance work, we offer our customers customized solutions for upgrading older equipment as well as systems for new equipment, whose performance parameters far exceed the standard equipment.
We repair all detector systems and offer the possibility of upgrades.

Sometimes this can also bring an older system back up to the state of the art.


We can also offer our customers the possibility of transporting their existing systems from one location to the next and relocating them with complete accessories. The preparations for an upcoming transport and relocation to new company buildings or new laboratories are discussed directly with our customers. Care is also taken to ensure that all details are clarified in advance for a transport and move, such as suitable room height and/or are there any obstacles such as stairs?

Purchase and Sale

Another focus of activity in our company is the purchase and sale of used systems, the so called “new used”. If you do not want to use your old equipment anymore, you are welcome to contact us we will take care of the collection and, if necessary, the disposal of your system. If you want to buy a “new used system”, we are also at your disposal. For this, please click on the desired scanning electron microscope to get an offer.

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remX GmbH
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Telefax: 07251 – 30 83 96
E-Mail: mm@remx.de

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